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Reduces the gap to get your AEM project up and running within budget and on solid technology


Superior UX

Remarkable user experience through accessible, SEO-optimized and responsive UIs



Leap into the known

Predictable, fast, transparent, incremental development path to success


Robust, scalable technology

Enhanced security. Modern architecture rigourously adheres to AEM principles.  


Adobe Experience Manager is an enterprise content management system for building websites, mobile apps and forms. When deploying AEM, it comes with loads of Out-of-the-box (OOTB) functionality. But OOTB means different things to different people.

INM AEM foundation helps reduce the gap between reality and expectation.


“Gartner and Forrester both agree, AEM is best in its class for web content management."

Trust the experts. Avoid common pitfalls. Build your AEM project on solid foundations.
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What INM AEM Foundation provides:

  • Common AEM templates and components for most common needs
  • Accessible UIs comply with common standards (WCAG 2.0, AA, AODA, SGQRI-008)
  • Easy branding and rebranding to your company's image
  • Enhanced security to meet increasingly demanding regulations
  • Strict adherence to AEM principles to ensure optimal performance and scaling
  • Technical Reference Manual and Managed Services Runbook
  • Consulting hours with the INM team
  • Royalty free, one-time licensing fee. Source code provided

1Use as a building block for new AEM projects

2Easily migrate between AEM versions or platforms

3Go for the quick win: get a project up and running in a fraction of the time

Deploying or thinking of deploying AEM? Get INM AEM Foundation to help you get online faster and save costs.