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INM announces availability of INM AEM Accessibility Checker

INM announces availability of INM AEM Accessibility Checker

On the occasion of World Usability Day, the year of Sustainable UX, INM is pleased to announce the availability of its INM AEM Accessibility Checker - a tool that guides authors in producing accessible and compliant content directly from their Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) authoring environment.

Accessibility requirements are becoming stricter and organizations have to ensure that the content they are producing complies with requirements stated in these various regulations. This tool, which is integrated directly into the AEM author interface, and resembles a spell checker, evaluates HTML content and flags any accessibility problems. What makes it different from other automated accessibility checkers, is that it asks the author to make manual checks.

INM AEM Accessibility Checker not only ensures compliance, it also helps increase collaboration, improve SEO, mobile and web usability and provides a streamlined approach to producing accessible content.

INM AEM Accessibility checker is easy to use, installs directly on an authoring instance and is completely managed by INM.