March Webinar: Designing Rich Dashboards - Challenges & Best Practices


Join us on Wednesday, March 28, 2012 at 11:00 am Eastern for the second instalment in our UX webinar series. In March, we will be tackling the topic of dashboards. Our session, entitled “Designing Rich Dashboards – Challenges & Best Practices”, looks at how dashboards can be effectively designed to not only help users understand and interpret complex data, but how they can help guide users into making smart decisions.

INM's Creative Director, Raluca Ene, and UX/UI Designer Kent Rahman are teaming up their expertise to look at some of the challenges that go into building great dashboards and they'll dive into the best practices of creating solutions that are both engaging and effective.

Registraiton for this webinar is now closed, but you can watch the recording of this session on our YouTube Channel.