Reach Docs and Reach eLibrary Offer Improved Performance and Support Mobile Viewing

INM’s Reach Docs and Reach eLibrary products have been recently revamped to support mobile viewing, add features, and improve performance.

The two Software as a Service (SaaS) products are designed for content publishers who want to share their publications with readers over the web and on mobile devices, without distributing their files. Reach Docs is used to display one document at a time, perfect for showcasing digital magazines, newspapers, newsletters, journals, and catalogs. Reach eLibrary is designed to help publishers create rich, searchable libraries of digital documents.

In addition to speed improvements and mobile document viewing, the new versions of Reach Docs and Reach eLibrary also include other enhancements that improve on-screen reading. Document thumbnails show readers an overview of the publication and help them navigate. Smooth, multi-level zoom lets readers choose the most comfortable reading view for their needs.

For more information, read the full press release.

Try out the new version of Reach Docs by requesting a free trial account and let us know what you think.