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Takeaways from eCOMMTL - what the future has in store for eCommerce

June 22, 2016 by Anthony Atiyeh
Delivering digital experiences that matter to Canadians at GTEC Summit

In May, INM was present at the eCOMMTL conference at the Montreal Science Center. Here is a summary of takeaways and what the future holds in store for eCommerce.

The day was well organized between the informative sessions, the trade show, and the networking opportunities. Within the crowd of 600 individuals, we had the pleasure of networkng and reconnecting with friends and acquaintances from the digital community from different segments and industries; big corporations, start-ups, freelancers, agencies and developers. It was definitely interesting to speak and network with all these different audiences, it gave an exhaustive update of the industry at large. 

The speakers were all well spoken and interesting, coming from companies like  Cheerios, TeoTaxi and SAQ to name a few. All their speeches converged around a main idea; more than ever eCommerce is being split in two areas of focus: Logistics and Experience. The conference focused primarily on the experience aspect, very much inline with other events we attended this spring.

Increasingly, a proper eCommerce platform is an ecosystem of integrated tools that perfectly accomplish specific tasks, such as content management, targeting, shopping cart management, transaction management, identity management, and analytics. This is translated into a digital economy that experiences a 17% growth per year. This economy is based on empathy and values that resonate with customers. The experience lived by the customer is hence at the core of the positioning and purpose of enterprises, as well as data collected through digital point of contacts. 

From our perspective, adopting and implementing new technologies is all about a will to change, openness to experiment, knowing your audience and an understanding that customer experience is at the core of every business. To deliver this personalized and timely experience to customers, enterprises need to utilize, without a doubt, digital engagement platforms, rather than using fragmented tools and products. We are proud to follow this philosophy at INM, and pleased to see it materialize through conferences such as eCOMMTL. Adobe offers the best technology in terms of digital platforms and INM is a specialized partner. 

If this subject interests you, contact us (info@inm.com). Whether it is to define a project or simply to discuss and share thoughts, we would love to hear from you and get to know you.

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