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The Business Experience Wave: Going Beyond Customer Experience

April 28, 2016 by Vahe Kassardjian
INM Team presenting on Experience Business Wave

On April 20th, we had the pleasure of welcoming over forty digital media professionals for a presentation on the “Business Experience Wave”.  With us we had several decisions-makers from large organizations, industry veterans, as well as friends with whom exchanges are always interesting.


We first defined "Business Experience" as a mature stage of “Customer Experience”.  Simply satisfying a customer is not enough any more; as their demands get higher each day, it’s important to enable them to reach ultimate goals through compelling, consistent and continuous experiences, and all in real-time.

Insular technologies of the past no longer live up to their expectations and / or are  too costly to operate. Ironically, their inconsistency and sluggishness often hinder customer experience instead of improving it.

Today, these various tools can be harmonized into a single “Digital Engagement Platform”. This platform is able to offer a 360 degree view of customers and their preferences in order to deliver relevant content on all points of contact, follow open standards (to reduce installation maintenance and upgrade costs), easily inter-operate (collaborate with each other without human intervention), in addition to being easy to learn and use.

Experience Business Breakfast

During this event, we outlined a complete end-to-end project, including responsive content, forms and digital assets that were all managed centrally from the Adobe Marketing Cloud digital engagement platform. Everything we showed was done using Web and iOS Android Apps built on the fly. We demonstrated how to manage unified customer profiles, perform A/B testing, inject third-party or CRM data, automatically detect anomalies, build “look-alike” models, expand to larger audiences and re-target them with relevant offers.

If this topic is of interest to you or you are in the midst of defining a project and need to bounce ideas with someone, let us know!

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