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INM and Abobe Gathered Eleven Mobile Decision Makers to Talk Shop

June 29, 2015 by Andrea Simmons

Recently, INM and Adobe gathered eleven top mobile decision makers for a lively roundtable conversation about mobile strategies. Facilitated by mobile subject expert, Marcel Boucher, from Adobe and moderated by Vahe Kassardjian from INM, the discussion focused mostly on time to market, leveraging users’ context and the importance of added-value.

"Our challenge is to combine our e-commerce website, our stores and our mobile efforts in one continuous experience" mentioned one participant. "We must be able to better track multi-device usage, and recognize behaviors of the same user across multiple devices." Many participants insisted on the importance of delivering “just enough”, to get to market on time, even if it means making adjustments later on.

In the same mindset, when discussing funding and management of mobile projects, the importance of agility came up as a primary theme. One participant explained that his company, a large multinational B2B firm, spends a pre-selected amount for mobile projects, without a detailed business case up front. Instead this firm tracks monthly progress and has a set of defined performance indicators that they can rapidly track to. Other guests approach mobile by launching a pilot project first, and if the results are positive, they scale it up and expand their efforts. For others, each project must be presented with a solid business case that addresses three scenarios: pessimistic, realistic and optimistic outcomes. What was common amongst all attendees was their agreement that you can't develop mobile projects in a silo, and that an iterative approach was the best model to follow.

The participants also had a great discussion around the driving factors for mobile, and the number one factor reiterated by all was the importance of context. “We cannot offer exactly the same experience on every channel", said one attendee. Several attendees also raised the importance of measuring the appropriate results and talked about the challenges of mobile analytics in the mix. One participant gave the example of his organization's mobile application. The app was downloaded an impressive number of times, but the purchase conversion from the app was consistently low, showing a challenge with in-app engagement. It is important to leverage mobile, within a global strategy, and to choose the right indicators to measure success to fully optimize the experience.

The key takeaways from the event included:

  • The common goals of each project - all of the projects discussed had three common elements: delivering experiences according to the user's context, delivering relevant content and creating a consistent user experience across channels and devices.
  • The necessity of agility in determining realistic objectives and delivering just enough to add value for the user in iterations.
  • The need for the right tools and technology. Organizations must acquire the right tools to recognize their users’ context, offer them value, gather the right measurements and extract the right insights to better optimize their users’ experiences and their strategy.

Thank you to all our participants. We appreciate your participation and openness in sharing your experiences on this topic.

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