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So, What Happened At Adobe Summit 2015?

April 9, 2015 by Andrea Simmons
Adobe Summit 2015

Every March, a few thousand of the greatest minds in digital marketing make the trek to the mountains of Utah to gather for Adobe Summit, the largest and highest profile digital marking conference in North America.

This is THE event for Adobe’s Marketing Cloud team, with a slew of big announcements around innovation, product enhancements and stellar new clients. With over 7,000 attendees and top-notch production, the event feels a bit more like a rock show than a conference.


The overwhelming theme of the event was Marketing Beyond Marketing, and how the industry was reinventing itself. Top brands like Coca Cola, The Girl Scouts of America and National Bank of Australia spoke about how they’ve reinvented what they offer and how they offer it and how their products now play a key role in marketing their brand. The experience that consumers have with your brand now needs to be continuous, consistent and contextual to how they choose to engage with you.  

As always, there were some big announcements to support this show. Adobe’s flagship offering, the Adobe Marketing Cloud, grew from six products to eight with the addition of Primetime and Audience Manager. The Marketing Cloud also features expanded upon core services for assets, mobile app management, collaboration, audiences and profiles, and user management.

Adobe Experience Manager version 6.1 was officially announced and will be released in May 2015.  This version includes lots of small features that improve the author experience (shortcut keys, tree structures, etc…) as well as some compelling new features and integrations. AEM 6.1 includes much stronger support for translation (both machine and human) and a new “layouting” mode that allows content authors to see the content breaks for a responsive site and to control the behaviors of components without doing any programming.

AEM 6.1 Layouting feature

AEM 6.1 also includes some tighter integration with Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target and Adobe Campaign. This allows for enhancements such as:

  • Integration of key analytics data directly in the AEM site dashboard, with the ability to filter and sort on metrics
  • Ability to create unique experiences for different visitors directly in AEM
  • Ability to set-up all Adobe Campaign dynamic fields directly in AEM.

There are also some nice gems for developers, including the launch of Sightly 1.1, a new version of Brackets IDE and a new Eclipse IDE. There is also a nifty “design-to-web” feature that allows developers and integrators to bring in a PSD file and run a conversion to CSS/HTML.

The demo with the most “wow” effect was definitely the launch of AEM Screens. A new offering under the AEM product banner that delivers a personalized, engaging experience to users in a physical location. AEM Screens uses large touchscreens for marketers to develop and refine experiences and to push them out to anything from a giant display to a small point-of-sale screen.

AEM Screens

Summit was full of great announcements that further cement Adobe’s position as the leader in the Marketing Hub space according to all the top analyst firms.

If you are interested in learning more about the new products or hearing any of the great presentations from the event, the session recordings are all available online on the Summit Website.

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