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Archive for 'May 2015'

    How Can Adobe Experience Manager 6.1 Help Your Business


    Usually when a new product launches, you hear a lot about the improvements and features that it offers, with lots of emphasis on the bells and whistles and the “checklist”. However, what I find interesting is to step back and see what those features really mean for you and how they can address the business challenges that organizations are facing.

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    Data Overload? Digital Marketing Hubs To The Rescue


    We now live in a time where digital experiences are everywhere, even where we least expect them. So, the likelihood that your consumers are interacting with your brand through a digital experience is extremely high. The challenge that this creates for you - the marketer - is that you need to ensure that the experience you provide your customers is consistent and continuous through all your different channels, because client expectations are higher than ever. In an era where people are connected to multiple devices at all times, customers expect to begin a transaction on their mobile phone, continue it on their tablet and finalize it on a computer without disruption or a change in experience. As if this wasn’t challenging enough, the growth in connected devices further expands a brand’s experience delivery.

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