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Adobe Launches AEM 6.0: Why You Should Care

May 27, 2014 by Andrea Simmons

The New Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) version 6.0 officially launched on May 22nd. This is a highly anticipated release that was announced back in March at the Adobe Digital Marketing Summit.

This major release introduces many additions and changes that highlight Adobe’s  focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences.  AEM 6 allows marketers to act quickly to provide optimized content across multiple channels, including mobile, social and web.


The major advancements in this release can be summed up in a few key categories:

Innovation in site creation and deployment: In the past, rolling out AEM meant rounding up skilled resources with Java experience to help build and customize AEM components. In AEM 6.0, Adobe has introduced Sightly, a simple template language that allows HTML web developers to perform programing activities that historically have fallen to Java/JSP developers. This can help reduce the initial implementation cost by as much as 20%.

Enhanced support for mobile: AEM 6.0 has truly embraced mobile. From its fully touch-enabled author experience, to its new PhoneGap Enterprise integration that allows authors to directly create and manage mobile apps through the AEM interface, mobile is now front and center. AEM also builds on the popular responsive design and adaptive image support that was included in previous AEM versions.

Deeper integration with the Adobe Marketing Cloud: Not every client that runs AEM will have other Adobe products, but for those that do, AEM 6.0 is a game changer. With the introduction of the Master Marketing Profile, marketers can now create, manage and leverage audience segments and profiles across the full suite of solutions (Analytics, Target, Social, Campaigns, AEM and Media Optimizer).

Improved Author experience and team collaboration: Since AEM is typically used in the enterprise by teams of content authors; Adobe has focused heavily on new features and functions that improve the author experience. New in AEM 6.0 is the concept of “projects” a bold new capa­bil­ity that groups content with tasks, experiences, workflows, and more to present them as a Dashboard for a specific project. AEM 6.0 also introduces better translation management with built-in workflows that allow a site to contain a language master and a Live Copy for each subsequent language.

Improvements to scalability and performance: At the heart of the platform, Adobe has made significant changes to the AEM core, including many enhancements to the content repository. The new revised system architecture combines the industry-leading JCR (Java Content Repository) with significant performance increases due to a linear scaling based on an open-source document database MongoDB, a leading NoSQL database known for its strengths in scaling.

For Adobe partners like us, AEM 6.0 is very exciting, as provides continued improvement and new functionalities that we can help our clients deploy to further improve their operational efficiency and empower their content authors.

For more information about this release, visit Adobe’s blog: http://blogs.adobe.com/digitalmarketing/web-experience/new-adobe-experience-manager/

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