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    What do the changes to Adobe LiveCycle ES4 mean for you?

    Example of a mobile-friendly LiveCycle form.
    Source: LiveCycle Blog

    Earlier this week, Adobe announced the launch of the most recent version of its enterprise form and document platform, LiveCycle Enterprise Suite 4 (ES4). This new version introduces several enhancements that embrace the “mobile first” ideology, and which should improve accessibility and ease–of-use of forms.

    One of the major improvements to LiveCycle ES4 is its transition towards HTML5 for the Workspace tool which enables the product to work seamlessly on any platform, whether it is an Android tablet, an iPhone or a desktop. Adobe has upgraded LiveCycle to be fully optimized for mobile platforms. For businesses, this means greater flexibility for in-field use of forms. For business applications like insurance on-boarding this means that forms can easily be completed and processed directly in the field, using standard mobile devices, like tablets. . Forms and workflows can be managed from any location, online or offline, enabling companies to have a more seamless integration in everyday life and ultimately improving productivity.

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