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Archive for 'January 2013'

    What Facebook Graph Search Means For Your Business

    Facebook Graph Search

    If you've been following the social buzz lately, you’ll have already heard of Facebook’s new search engine called Graph Search. The new engine was announced to the public on January 25, 2013 and will start being implemented in its beta phase in the next few months. Integrated with the Microsoft search engine Bing, Graph Search aims to provide Facebook users with the ability to quickly find friends with similar interests. For instance, a quick Graph Search would tell you who, amongst your friends, is already a fan of INM on Facebook.

    What this means for your company

    If your company isn't already on Facebook, Graph Search should be a wake-up call. With the new search engine, people will be able to immediately view recommended suppliers, brands and establishments. With one search you can find a dentist that a friend goes to, or a local restaurant your  friend has  visited in San Diego and liked so much he joined their Facebook page. Building your presence on Facebook will therefore be more important than ever. What used to be a nice way to connect and stay in touch with people you’ve already reached will become a word-of-mouth goldmine. Graph Search will immediately prove that you have gained the seal of approval from a person’s friends and create positive word-of-mouth about your company with minor effort.

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    A Sneak Peek into Adobe CQ 5.6

    Adobe CQ 5.6 Interface

    It’s that time of year again when Adobe hosts a special webinar to preview some of the key features that are slated to be unveiled in the next generation of its web content management solution, Adobe CQ. While we still need to wait until the Adobe Digital Marketing Summit in March to see the official product announcement and the final list of features, the sneak peek provides insight into the direction and the approach the product is taking with this round of enhancements.

    The first change to mention is not a feature of CQ, but a new layer of packaging on the total Digital Marketing offering that Adobe delivers. Adobe has reorganized its product line into a new package, called the Adobe Marketing Cloud. This package includes five key segments of solutions:

    • Adobe Analytics
    • Adobe Target
    • Adobe Social
    • Adobe Media Optimizer
    • Adobe Experience Manager
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