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    Do you need a Responsive Site, Mobile Site or App?

    Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone connected

    There’s no denying the impact that mobile has today on a business. A recent study by IDC predicts that mobile devices will outnumber laptops and desktops combined by 2015, and Forrester Research has stated that by 2014 mobile will influence more than 50% of retail transactions. Even with these figures, the majority of Canadian businesses don’t have a clear strategy of how they’ll address mobile.

    Essentially there are three options for going mobile, you can make your current website optimized for mobile by implementing a responsive design, you can build a dedicated mobile website or you can create and deploy mobile applications.

    The first option for businesses to consider is implementing a responsive design. This involves optimizing your website to work on a wide range of devices by designing it on a fluid grid. The site reformats to fit the size of the browser window. We have a great eGuide on this topic that you can download for more information. If your site was built using modern web standards, making it responsive is not a huge investment. It allows for your site to reach any user, on any device with a design that’s optimized for that size screen. Implementing a responsive design requires some careful planning but most sites only really need three core designs (a desktop, tablet and mobile phone version) and transition behaviors. A well-designed responsive site will save you the time and effort of having to maintain separate websites for every device you want to target.

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