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    CMO's Unprepared for Data Explosion

    3D graphs and pie chart

    In recent weeks there’s been much buzz about the role of metrics in today’s increasingly complex marketing world. With high consumer expectations and an explosion in engagement devices and channels, marketers today are faced with a sprawling matrix of disconnected figures to make sense of. Sure, some tools today provide a more consolidated view of figures, but still 71% of Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) feel unprepared for the data explosion they face.

    After sitting through several sessions at the Adobe Digital Marketing Summit last month, it became clear to me that there are two distinct camps in marketing. There are those that get it and have intricate systems in place to measure and act on the intelligence provided by multi-channel metrics, and those that view metrics as a check-box item on their list of requirements – something they know they need but they really don’t know how to leverage effectively.

    Collecting metrics today means going beyond tracking the transaction and the business objectives. Solutions like Google Analytics do a good job in gathering and consolidating metrics to track conversions and aggregate data. However this is just the first step for success.

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