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Archive for 'August 2011'

    Apple’s Path to Become the First $1T Company

    Apple Logo

    A few months ago, USA Today speculated that Apple would become the first $1 trillion company. Earlier this week, Apple made great strides toward this milestone when it surged ahead of ExxonMobile Corp to capture the title of world's most valuable company.

    Whether Apple lives up to this prediction or not, it has already achieved what seemed impossible. The company saw a 300% increase in stock price in less than three years, in a very difficult economic climate.  Today, Apple exceeds Microsoft in market capitalization ($213 Billion for MSFT vs $302 B for AAPL) although, just 14 years ago, Microsoft had to inject $150M into its bank account to keep from going out of business.

    These facts are extremely unlikely and unpredictable, but don’t come as a surprise to anyone who has observed the last few decades with objectivity and, amongst other trends, paid attention to principles such as The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable.

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    A Hands-On Look at Adobe Edge

    Adobe Edge Logo

    This week I had the chance to play around with the first preview release of Adobe Edge.  Edge allows web designers and developers to create web standards based animation without doing any coding whatsoever.   Reminiscent of the way in which Flash helped to open the world of web animation to designers from non-technical backgrounds, Edge stands poised to lower the barrier to entry into HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript animations.  In an environment that has seen Flash become somewhat of a pariah, embracing the open web is a logical way forward for Adobe.  While it’s still very early in development, Adobe has managed to do some impressive things with Edge, and releasing it this early demonstrates that they are serious about incorporating user feedback into future iterations.  Now, let’s get under the hood…

    The interface borrows heavily from the Flash UI.  So Flash users will be up and running in no time with Edge.  There are five main panels: Tools, Properties, Elements, Stage and Timeline. 

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