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Archive for 'June 2011'

    Apple Backtracks on Subscription Model Requirements

    iPads with digital magazine covers

    The other week, Apple announced that with the upcoming changes to iOS that it would also reverse some of its stringent requirements for in-app subscription handling.   Specifically, Apple removed the requirement that all subscriptions available through Apple be the same price or less expensive than ones offered outside the application. It also now allows publishers to once again offer external subscriptions, even if they don’t offer them in-app as well.

    This doesn’t come as much of a surprise to me, as I never really understood Apple’s reasoning for forcing subscription model changes. Asking publishers to change a successful multi-channel subscription model just wasn’t realistic, even for Apple. This to me is parallel to Apple’s initial requirement that all iPhone applications had to be natively built using Objective C. The company soon realized that while this approach would protect the application quality and user experience, that the trade-offs were too high in terms of limited developer adoption. They simply needed to open up additional options for building iPhone applications to ensure that there were compelling titles available to sell the hardware. 

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    Delivering Web Experience Management

    Adobe Solutions Partner Logo

    As you may have heard, we officially became an Adobe Solutions Partner last month. As a long-time Adobe friend and partner, this was a logical next step for us. However, the real catalyst behind us joining this program was Adobe’s new Web Experience Management (WEM) platform, CQ5. Over the past few years, we’ve worked with a number of clients to build websites and help them create their digital presence. Until recently, we’ve mainly leveraged open source technology (such as Joomla!, Drupal and WordPress) as the foundation and built bridges to other solutions or we've done customizations to create the desired experience. For some of our clients, the open source web content management systems (CMSs) have been great and have met all their requirements. But for others, we started to run into some walls and barriers where we were stretching the technology to its limit.

    This is where the Adobe CQ5 platform comes into play. The technology, acquired by Adobe last year from Day Software, is a robust, modular platform that encompasses web content management, digital asset management, and social collaboration. It is truly an enterprise caliber solution that delivers a balance of effectiveness, improved client experience and multi-channel optimization. 

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