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    Cross-Platform Mobile Development – Which is the Right Path?

    Different iphones

    With the announced availability of the Blackberry Playbook, the growing popularity of Android devices, and the traction that Windows Phone 7 is seeing, is it’s getting more challenging for businesses to develop a mobile applications strategy. There are several different paths to building a mobile application, including:

    • Native Development: This involves building a separate application for each platform using the recommended native language.  
    • Titanium Appcelerator: An open source platform that allows developers to build mobile apps in Javascript and to package them for delivery on different platforms (Mac, Windows, mobile).
    • Open Plug: A software developer kit (SDK) to build cross-platform native mobile apps using ActionScript/Flex.
    • QT: A cross-platform application and UI framework that enables developers to build once and deploy across many platforms.
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