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Archive for 'December 2010'

    Are We Ready for a Cloud Based OS?

    Chromo Logo

    I have the feeling that people have said a lot about it already – maybe because over the past few weeks, Google has been taking up a lot of space in my (customized) news feed. The Google Chrome OS is now being used by real users and it delivers, as promised, a free, cloud based OS that is simple to use and that boots very quickly. It is a very interesting OS, and at the same time, I'm wondering how I would use it.

    I must admit that my web browser has become the software that I use the most, especially in my personal life. This has happened mostly because in the past few years I have actively used more and more online services to fill the needs that were previously completed by software installed on my computer. All of this is also possible due to the advancements in rich internet applications (RIAs). There are obviously a lot of advantages in moving things online: setting things up is faster, things are available everywhere and are always in sync, things are often sharable with others, and it limits the need for backups (or at least, the part under my control) – and this is only to name a few.

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    Preparing for the ASAE Technology Conference

    ASAE Technology Conference 2010

    As we prepare to pack-up for Washington and set-up our booth for this year’s American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) Technology Conference next week, my mind is focused on the challenges this market is facing. Just like for-profit companies, Associations are struggling with staying relevant to their members in this tough market and are looking for new ways to increase non-dues revenue. One such channel is though their publications. Association publishing is big business and will continue to grow in the years to come. According to the recent Folio Magazine Survey, 29 percent of associations publish five or more magazines, and 12 percent publish 20 or more titles. But today, revenue from these publications is still low, with 24 percent of associations saying that magazines account for between one and nine percent of their entire revenue stream.

    Looking to the future, associations need to embrace a dual channel publishing model, keeping their print titles and offering an online alternative. While print is still king in terms of revenue for these association publications, creating both a print and online model is key to their success. According to the Folio survey, online media today accounts for about 8.9 of association publication revenue, up from 5.9 percent last year, so association publishers are going there, but many are not moving fast enough to offer their members an engaging digital alternative to print.  

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