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Archive for 'October 2010'

    State of the Tablet Market – 11 Months Later

    iPad Tablet with New York Times App

    Back in January we posted about the coming slew of tablets that were slated to hit the market. Now, heading into the holiday season, nearly 11 months later, it’s interesting to see where things stand. Just looking at my favorite source of tablet news, Goodreader.com, there are pages of announcements and reviews of new devices in the last week alone.

    When I wrote the original article back in January, the iPad was still just a rumor, lumped in with a bunch of other “in development” products. Now, in just the first two quarters of the year, the iPad has generated nearly $5 billion in new revenue for Apple.  This number is continuing to grow as Apple rolls out the device to a broader global market this week and US-based AT&T and Verizon start selling it in the US.

    Another project we mentioned back in January was the joint Microsoft/HP tablet, theCourier. It looked promising, but was killed off in April by HP due to power hungry Intel hardware and dissatisfaction with Windows 7 performance as a tablet OS. The new HP tablet, the Slate 500, was announced last week. It still features Windows 7 but opted for a more powerful Intel Atom processor and a slew of new features.

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    Testing Out the Adobe Packager for iPhone

    Flash logo in an iPhone

    With the changes to the iPhone developer agreement a few weeks back, the Adobe Packager for iPhone gained new life. The packager, which is a feature of Adobe Flash Professional CS5 software and the Adobe AIR SDK, offers a way to use existing Flash code to create native applications for the iPhone and iPad. We’ve been working on native iPhone and iPad development for some time now, so we were curious as to how this application could be used to port over some of our existing Flex-developed client applications. We took a sampling of applications we’ve built over the past few months, some simple and some more complex, and used the Adobe Packager for iPhone to convert them. What we discovered is that there are some significant limitations with this tool.

    If you have a relatively simple application, the Adobe Packager for iPhone may be a viable alternative. It can work well as a stop gap solution for firms that don’t have in-house expertise in Objective C, but only for simple applications.

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    Two Upcoming Webinars – Register Now

    Laptop and notebook

    We’ve just scheduled two new webinars for the month of November. The first session, “20 Tips for an Effective Website Revamp” provides organizations embarking on a site redesign with an end-to-end guide through the common trouble points. It brings forth 20 key tips that every organization must keep in mind, including details such as how to plan your project, analyze key requirements and user needs, and choose the best technology. We'll also look at how to optimize your site so it can be easily found by search engines, which performance indicators are important to monitor, and how to promote your new site to your stakeholders.

    The second of our two webinars “Building Your Magazine Archive: What You Need to Consider” looks at the process of taking back-issues of magazines, journals and other publications and building a searchable archive. This session will walk content publishers through the motivation for creating an archive, look at some strategies for getting started and present the details to consider around digitizing your content. We’ll look at the technology options available and view a live demo.

    Sign up today for these sessions on our website, or visit our past recordings to hear webinars that we’ve offered.

    Do you have a suggestion for a webinar topic you’d like us to present? We’re always open to ideas. Post your suggestions below in the comments.

    The Challenges Facing Associations Today

    CSAE National Conference & Showcase

    A  few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend the Canadian Society of Association Executives National Conference and Tradeshow in Quebec City. At INM, we’ve worked with associations now for a number of years, providing a variety of services, including online and CD-based membership directories, Interactive publishing solutions, abstract management solutions for large meetings, and recently, design and development for website revamps. However, we haven’t really spent time with this audience disucssing broadly the challenges that this market is facing. Associations are unique organizations, funded primarily through membership revenue and sponsorships. In this recession economy, both of these sources are frequently cut from budgets.

    Associations are reaching out and looking for new ways to generate non-dues revenue while simultaneously reaching out to enhance the value of membership and increase retention. Associations are trying new engagement techniques and are building up social media channels to increase their presence. They’re turning to mobile as a way to reach members when and how they want to engage, and they’re creating and distributing interactive content to deepen the engagement level.

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