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A Step Closer to Universal RIAs

September 16, 2010 by Vahe Kassardjian
Apple Logo

A move by Apple this week to ease up on its restrictions for the creation of mobile applications for the Apple App Store is a step forward toward universal rich internet applications (RIAs). Back in April 2010, Apple tried to restrict how companies could code and build their applications. The company’s justification was that the restrictions were in place to protect quality and ensure security. However, it really just closed the door for many companies who were unable or unwilling to build technology using native development.

With Apple loosening up their restrictions, businesses can now create applications with a variety of technologies and tools and port them over to an Apple-friendly format. Abode is a step ahead in this race, as they had already rolled out the Packager for iPhone with CS5 to applications to an Apple format. As of today, Flash content in a browser is still restricted.

The important consideration to keep front and center is that regardless of the tools, operating system, or even underlying hardware, the definitive objective is to allow the users to experience the content as fully and richly as possible.

This change also opens the floodgates for fair competition, which ultimately benefits the users, customers and learners. The race is back on to build great user experiences and to deliver interactive applications that shield the user from the intricacies of the operating system and the hardware.  

The playing field is now open for Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, HTML5 and a slew of other smaller players. While Adobe had a head start, it’s still anybody’s game. Let’s see who gets there fastest.