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Battle of the Web Browsers Heats Up

August 26, 2010 by Andrea Simmons
IE, Firefox and Chrome logos

It’s been an active couple of weeks in terms of web browser news with a plethora of sneak peeks and leaked screenshots. Everyone’s trying to one-up each other in the battle of the browsers.

It started with the beta release of Mozilla’s Firefox 4 browser, which adds support touch events within the browser on Windows 7 machines. They’ve also added a few other changes like moving the tabs option to the top of the browser and enhancing the JavaScript support to beef up performance of all those slick HTML5 web app demos that are making the rounds.

Next was the Chrome 6 Beta. Many of the changes on this version can be considered cosmetic – mainly streamlined tabs and buttons. The major feature is the addition of a new auto-fill feature with integrated synch. This allows all instances of Chrome to share form data and use it to auto-fill forms.

Finally we saw a leaked screenshot of the new IE9 browser, which is set to be released on September 15th. This shot shows a new, simplified interface that puts the emphasis on the content, not the browser. If what we see on release date is based on this, the browser appears to have a much faster and more consistent back-end and a new front-end look to go with it.

I’m not sure how much impact all these changes will really have on changing browser influence. Most people are more loyal to their browser than their brand of toothpaste. It takes more than a little flash from the competition to change habits. And according to a recent Wired Magazine article, the web browser may be a dying breed anyways – but we’ll talk about that more in a future post.