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YouTube and Hulu Say HTML5 Video Not Ready for Prime Time

July 22, 2010 by Jason MacDonald
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When companies like Apple and Scribd start using HTML5 for their offerings, organizations start to question whether they should be using it for their own applications. However, it’s important to remember that while HTML5 has made strong strides lately, it is still in the draft development phase and it is early for organizations to rely solely on it for their core business applications.

This point was clear when YouTube posted a rather lengthy blog post about its experience with the HTML5 <video> tag and how it does not yet meet the company's rather intense requirements. Features like full-screen video, access to cameras and microphones, embedding content on other sites, and live video streaming are not yet fully supported by HTML5 <video>.

Hulu also addressed HTML5 <video> and the numerous customer requests it has for the technology by stating that they "…continue to monitor developments on HTML5, but as of now it doesn’t yet meet all our customers’ needs.” Some of these needs include securing content, handling reporting for ads and facilitating communications between the player and the server for monitoring different elements of playback.

So while HTML5 is making progress, it will be awhile before HTML5 <video> is ready for mainstream use. Flash remains the technology of choice for now, but HTML5 may soon catch up.