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Internet Users Reading Newspapers Online – Why Aren’t More Publishers There?

June 21, 2010 by Andrea Simmons
Online Newspaper

There was an interesting story today on Marketing Charts about the number of internet users that read newspapers online. Not surprisingly, ComScore Media Matrix states that three out of five internet users claim to read newspapers online each month. This means that nearly 123.9 million unique visitors accessed and read a newspaper online in May. By comparison, about 61% of the total online population in America relies on the web for their main source of news. This means that many of these contacts are reading online newspapers as part of their total news consumption.

These numbers really are compelling. In the past, online publishing was not deemed to have the audience or the credibility that it does today. I believe that the December 2009 rules passed by the BPA contributed greatly to legitimizing this industry. These rules allow publishers to count digital editions as part of their readership numbers.

However, for an industry that is growing so quickly and is showing strong revenue potential for advertising, it is one many publishers are still holding back on entering. With the new ePublishing technologies on the market and the lower cost and barriers to entry why aren’t more publishers openly embracing this channel?