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Archive for 'June 2010'

    Why does it have to be HTML5 vs Flash?

    Boxing gloves

    Why is it that when people talk about technology they reduce the concepts down to a black and white comparison? It’s always one technology against another or one product that’s good and one that’s bad.

    This is case in point with the recent battle that’s emerged between HTML5 and Flash. HTML5 is being touted by developers, bloggers and press alike as the new “Flash Killer”. This angle seems to be based on the one-dimensional view that Flash is only used for video (rather than the full spectrum of game, 3D and application development it’s really suited for), and that the fast and reliable video support that’s offered with HTML5 will make it the new choice for developers. But don’t count Flash as dead yet, it still offers a number of unique features that are not yet supported in HTML5, such as live streaming, DRM, and rich video controls. Plus it has a much greater span of support than HTML5 does today.

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    Internet Users Reading Newspapers Online – Why Aren’t More Publishers There?

    Online Newspaper

    There was an interesting story today on Marketing Charts about the number of internet users that read newspapers online. Not surprisingly, ComScore Media Matrix states that three out of five internet users claim to read newspapers online each month. This means that nearly 123.9 million unique visitors accessed and read a newspaper online in May. By comparison, about 61% of the total online population in America relies on the web for their main source of news. This means that many of these contacts are reading online newspapers as part of their total news consumption.

    These numbers really are compelling. In the past, online publishing was not deemed to have the audience or the credibility that it does today. I believe that the December 2009 rules passed by the BPA contributed greatly to legitimizing this industry. These rules allow publishers to count digital editions as part of their readership numbers.

    However, for an industry that is growing so quickly and is showing strong revenue potential for advertising, it is one many publishers are still holding back on entering. With the new ePublishing technologies on the market and the lower cost and barriers to entry why aren’t more publishers openly embracing this channel?

    Getting Started with ePublishing: A Free Webinar – June 29, 2010

    Pages turning out of a laptop

    Publishers are facing a very difficult market. Ad revenues are down, subscriptions are down and competition is heating up for the titles that are left to battle it out. While this leads to some funny parodies, it's no laughing matter for publishers struggling to stay afloat. Combine this with the fact that technology is quickly changing and it's easy to see how challenging it is for magazine and journal publishers to move quickly enough to keep up. Up until now, many small to mid-sized publishers have avoided publishing online, thinking that the barrier to entry was high, as it meant changing processes, and investing in technology. But getting started with online publishing is now quick, easy and cost-effective to do.

    INM is offering a free webinar on Tuesday, June 29, 2010 to show publishers how they can easily start publishing their titles online. We’ll explore the market conditions, the key benefits, the different approaches to ePublishing and will show how to get up and running with an online magazine or journal in a matter of minutes, for less than $20 per month.

    Registration is free, but space is limited. Register now!