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Improved Printing for ePublishing with Adobe AIR 2

February 11, 2010 by Laurent Brigaut

Since the original beta launch of Adobe AIR almost two years ago, one of the key features missing for making it a really useful tool for companies looking to leverage it for ePublishing applications was the limited functionality offered for local printing. We had looked into using Adobe AIR as a way to create a truly online and offline ePublishing solution for delivering PDFs through the browser, like we do today with our INM Reach product online. However, the lack of control in the initial beta version of Adobe AIR meant a lot of workarounds and customizations.

The new AIR beta 2 release now makes this much more feasible. This release provides developers with tighter integration with the desktop, including much more control over local printers and improved support for cross-platform printing. In addition, it also offers support for detection of mass storage devices, added support for secure socket layer communication and even the ability to open a file with its default application.