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Archive for 'July 2009'

    The RIA Battle is On Despite the Economy (and Other Overwhelming News)

    I was on under the impression that nothing on planet Earth was happening besides Michael J's death (last name withheld to protect anonymity), but it looks like there is a lot of action in our industry.

    Last week, Microsoft released Silverlight 3.0, a very promising RIA (Rich Internet Application) development platform. Thus far, Silverlight 1.0 was too limited to allow for any kind of serious interactions, and Silverlight 2.0 was just a Windows-centric platform.

    Silverlight 3.0 features better media support (3D, graphics acceleration, higher quality video) and richer interactivity (richer user interfaces, ability to run outside the browser, ability to interact with other applications). It is an impressive platform for Windows but little is known so far on its prowesses on MacOS and Linux.

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    A Historic Battle of Operating Systems

    There is an interesting and, in my opinion, historic battle unfolding around Operating Systems these days.

    At one end, Microsoft is readying the next version of their OS: Windows 7. Windows 7 is nothing more than Windows Vista done right: more stable and polished. At the other end, Google announced Chrome OS, a Linux-based minimal operating system meant to run a web browser on a computer without any further sophistication.

    Our position at INM clearly leans towards the latter side, not because we prefer Google's logo to Microsoft's but mainly because we had predicted that Operating Systems were becoming irrelevant commodities (see conclusion of "All aboard! The new Intel-based Mac is leaving the station; here's how to switch platforms") and that real challenges were moving away from the metal and closer to the mental. Our key argument is that, thanks to RIAs and technologies such asAdobe FlexMS Silverlight and HTML 5, it is nowadays possible to deliver rich content and interactivity without the cost and hassle of desktop applications.

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