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More Rumors of a New Apple Tablet Device

April 13, 2009 by Vahe Kassardjian

We've been eagerly awaiting Apple's next move in the Tablet or Netbook space. The product category doesn't yet exist, or have a name to go by, but it will most likely not be called Ultra-Mobile or Tablet or Netbook or Personal Digital Anything. It would primarily meet the needs of audiences who need mobility and a larger display than smart phones, and who will mainly use the device for Read-Only tasks (eBooks, eLibraries, educational material, etc.) and occasional note taking or communication.

The rumors are back: it seems that Steve Jobs and team are working on a reincarnation of the Newton based on a 10-inch touchscreen.

There is an artist's rendition of what the device might look like at the Appleinsider website.

You may also want to take a look at the patent Apple filed in relation to input devices: it is pretty creative and extremely smart from a product line management perspective