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Archive for 'April 2009'

    Time or Money spent? Which do consumers value most?

    Time or Money spent? Which do consumers value most?

    Alice LaPlante asks that question following a study conducted by researchers at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

    So what about time saved? Is it as satisfactory? Do consumers value being able to do something fast so they can then quickly do something else? Or even do more of the same thing?

    This is what Rich Internet Applications are all about: making the user experience as best as it can be, whether you are searching, learning or shopping. Good examples are RIAs built for eCommerce, to help consumers easily and quickly get what they want. The return is more conversions and loyalty, and less drop-off. 

    Adobe Flash takes to the big(ger) screen

    To keep up with the convergence of media devices occurring at rapid-fire speed, Adobe has secured a deal to embed its Flash software within televisions, Blu-ray players and set top boxes to allow for developers and content providers to create and deploy web content such as news, weather and stock charts. The applications are set to deploy on televisions early in 2010 and will allow users to engage in the all of activities they are used to performing on the web.

    There are a few televisions on the market that are using Yahoo’s widgets to provide a rich media experience for viewers but this deal will allow for the creation of a single standard for a media application that can be re-used for numerous other devices.

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    More Rumors of a New Apple Tablet Device

    We've been eagerly awaiting Apple's next move in the Tablet or Netbook space. The product category doesn't yet exist, or have a name to go by, but it will most likely not be called Ultra-Mobile or Tablet or Netbook or Personal Digital Anything. It would primarily meet the needs of audiences who need mobility and a larger display than smart phones, and who will mainly use the device for Read-Only tasks (eBooks, eLibraries, educational material, etc.) and occasional note taking or communication.

    The rumors are back: it seems that Steve Jobs and team are working on a reincarnation of the Newton based on a 10-inch touchscreen.

    There is an artist's rendition of what the device might look like at the Appleinsider website.

    You may also want to take a look at the patent Apple filed in relation to input devices: it is pretty creative and extremely smart from a product line management perspective

    The Ongoing Debate on Who Owns Multi-Touch

    In a previous post, we noted that it is likely for RIAs to begin to “propagate to mobile devices” as the next natural step in their evolution. We believe that having a highly natural and organic user interface is primary to the success of any technology to ensure adoption, repeated use and success.

    There’s much debate going on these days on who is the rightful owner of ‘multi-touch’ – a technology that has moved into many areas of our day to day life and become a pervasive part of our experiences. On this note, T-Mobile has just announced that they are planning to offer Google Android beyond mobile phones to extend to both the home phone as well as tablet computer.

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