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Virtual Panel on "The Current and Future State of RIA"

March 4, 2009 by Tanya McGinnity

Info Q has just conducted a Virtual Panel on “The Current and Future State of RIA” featuring the thoughts of many individuals from well-known and well-respected companies in the space such as: Mozilla, Curl, Java, Microsoft and Adobe. Each spokesperson was provided with a series of questions relating to whether RIA technologies have “made it”, what the optimal user experience of the RIA should be, what other applications will be driving RIA technology adoption, as well as an overview of the various RIA frameworks and languages.

This virtual panel provides an examination of how each company views where RIAs are headed and the advances made by each as of this point. The predictions point towards greater use of RIAs within the enterprise, integration with audio and video and applications that harness the power of real-time collaboration.