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Building a Business Case for Your eLibrary: 3 Part Series

February 9, 2009 by

Stay tuned to this blog for an upcoming series of 3 blog posts relating to how to build a business case for your eLibrary. Our mission is to provide you with some guidelines to keep in mind when it comes to prepare all of the information you'll need to gather in order to develop a well-defined business case for your eLibrary initiative.

By spending time to build an effective business case, effective decision making can be achieved and in turn both cost and time savings will result. It will also help to ensure your solution meets its initial scope, provides results, stays within budget and is on time.

The 3 topics we will explore in this series are: - Building Your Business Case - Preparing Your Content - Comparing eLibrary Technologies

We're hoping you'll find this series useful. Look for a series of webinars and white papers on these subjects as well.