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Window Shopping Online: A New RIA from Amazon

October 30, 2008 by Andrea Simmons
Amazon WindowShop interface

While shopping online has yet to truly capture the feeling of strolling through the mall, the new beta eCommerce platform from Amazon comes close. Windowshop.com offers users the ability to visually browse through new movie titles, games, new books, best sellers, and more. The content is updated each Tuesday when new titles are added to the site.

Users can navigate around using arrow keys and can zoom into a listing to view a video clip of a game or movie or hear a sound clip of a song. There are even audio reviews of new books. Windowshop.com is very pretty to look at, but since it exists separately from the main Amazon platform, I question its practicality as users cannot search for specific info. However, it is great for getting a weekly snapshot of what’s new. The platform is powered by the Amazon S3 platform that Troy blogged about last week.