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Great Example of a Mass Customization RIA Application

October 17, 2008 by jason MacDonald

More and more, rich Internet applications (RIAs) are being used as a way to customize mass production projects and give items a “personal flair”. A great example of this is the new customization module for the Flip Mino that was announced last week by our good friends at Pure Digital Technologies. This module allows buyers of the popular Flip Mino, a pocket-sized camcorder, to personalize the front cover of the camera with photos, logos, or graphic designs. Users can choose from thousands of designs that include celebrity photos, original artwork, and iconic brands, or they can upload their own graphics or photos. There is also an exclusive design engine – the Pattern Generator that buyers can use to whip a unique pattern if they want a truly custom design.

Mino Flip with custom designs

Mino Flip with custom designs - great example of mass customization using a rich Internet application

As another twist, the company has also created a Marketplace where artistic consumers can upload their designs for others to purchase, earning a commission each time their design sells, or they can elect to have their design sales earn money for non-profit causes. This is a great example of using RIAs for mass customization. Kudos to Pure Digital, and its partner Café Press on this project.