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Archive for 'October 2008'

    Window Shopping Online: A New RIA from Amazon

    Amazon WindowShop interface

    While shopping online has yet to truly capture the feeling of strolling through the mall, the new beta eCommerce platform from Amazon comes close. Windowshop.com offers users the ability to visually browse through new movie titles, games, new books, best sellers, and more. The content is updated each Tuesday when new titles are added to the site.

    Users can navigate around using arrow keys and can zoom into a listing to view a video clip of a game or movie or hear a sound clip of a song. There are even audio reviews of new books. Windowshop.com is very pretty to look at, but since it exists separately from the main Amazon platform, I question its practicality as users cannot search for specific info. However, it is great for getting a weekly snapshot of what’s new. The platform is powered by the Amazon S3 platform that Troy blogged about last week.

    Violet Mir:ror Bridges Real and Virtual Worlds

    the Mir:ror product

    After the hugely successful Nabaztag, our friends at Violet have introduced Mir:ror. Simply stated, Mir:ror is an RFID reader. But in fact, it is really a pretty complete platform and a gateway that bridges the real and virtual worlds.

    Fostering customer loyalty is a key challenge for many brands these days. As our economy shifts from being product-based to becoming more experience-based, Mir:ror allows companies to provide clients with more than just a manufactured static good or a time-bounded service. With Mir:ror, the client’s experience can begin before and end well after his or her contact with the supplier, the goods or the services.

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    Building RIAs in the Cloud

    One of the reasons that I joined the INM team this past September was to ensure the seamless operation of the Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) that we build for clients. Seeing products such as INM Reach and INM eLibrary in action, I couldn't help but think of the potential of building large-scale customized libraries of documents and other enterprise caliber RIAs.

    However, businesses that are considering these types of projects inside their enterprise can very quickly run into growing pains. The volume of content that accumulates over time can grow infinitely. It becomes very difficult for businesses to predict and allocate the required resources to setup and maintain an infrastructure to accommodate the growing volumes of content and users.

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    Great Example of a Mass Customization RIA Application

    More and more, rich Internet applications (RIAs) are being used as a way to customize mass production projects and give items a “personal flair”. A great example of this is the new customization module for the Flip Mino that was announced last week by our good friends at Pure Digital Technologies. This module allows buyers of the popular Flip Mino, a pocket-sized camcorder, to personalize the front cover of the camera with photos, logos, or graphic designs. Users can choose from thousands of designs that include celebrity photos, original artwork, and iconic brands, or they can upload their own graphics or photos. There is also an exclusive design engine – the Pattern Generator that buyers can use to whip a unique pattern if they want a truly custom design.

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    Microsoft Releases Silverlight 2.0

    Earlier this week, Microsoft finally rolled out version 2.0 of Silverlight, its competitor to Adobe Flash. This version has been over a year in the making and was promised to be the “one” that made Silverlight a true contender with Flash Player.

    Version 2.0 supports:

    • Powerful built-in controls: DataGrid, ListBox, Slider, ScrollViewer, Calendar controls and more.
    • Deep zoom: For ultra high resolution imagery.
    • Advanced skinning and templating support: For easy customization of applications.
    • Cross-platform and cross-browser support: Support for Mac, Windows, and Linux in Firefox, Safari, and Windows Internet Explorer.
    • And many more....
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