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Analytics and RIAs – Which Ones Matter?

June 20, 2008 by Andrea Simmons

Tracking meaningful performance indicators for your rich Internet application (RIA) is a hotly debated subject. Since RIAs break the traditional page model, the common values of page views and page visits are no longer relevant. But then the question arises – What is it that you should measure? Well, the key is to look at the objective of your application and to break down what numbers really mean something to its success. This recent short article from Robert Hoekman, Jr. an interaction designer, brings up some good points about metrics.

With these thoughts in mind, look for an analytics package that will help you track the figures that matter. There are a number of solutions on the market, but many of the seasoned RIA experts point to Omniture and Core Metrics as the two best options for tracking RIA metrics. Omniture is offering a free webinar titled "How to Build, Measure, and Profit using RIA on Your Site" that may be helpful for defining your key performance metrics.

Over at Inside RIA, Andre Charland has kicked off a discussion about metrics for your RIAs. I’d encourage you to join in and voice your opinion.