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Archive for 'May 2008'

    Retailers Embrace RIAs

    It looks like retailers are starting to see the true potential of rich Internet applications (RIAs). During last week’s ACCM conference in Orlando, I attended an interesting session about “Getting the best ROI from Rich Media”. The session looked at some of the key trends in retail and the predictions that industry analysts are making about the rise of rich content on eCommerce sites. Many of the stats presented focused on the number of retailers adding alternate images, video, and zoom features to their pages. However, one surprising figure that was mentioned was that 69% of the top 100 retailers are planning to add RIAs to their site in the coming year (taken from the Forrester State of Online Retail 2008 report). This includes technology such as product selectors, configurators, wardrobe tools, and more. This is a huge increase over last year. It seems that the early results from retailers that made the jump, combined with consumer reaction have caused retailers to step up to the plate.

    If you are interested in learning more about Rich eCommerce, check out our recorded webinar entitled "An Introduction to Rich eCommerce".

    The State of The RIA Nation

    I figured I'd post a quick summary on the "state of the nation" in regards to RIAs since it has been a very active couple of months.

    Kevin Whinnery has an interesting blog titled Which RIA Tools Give Us the Best Bang for Your Buck?. Interesting because I agree with his analysis: there is no best RIA tool out there, only trade-offs.

    As I had mentioned in Spry 1.7 is Coming Soon AJAX and Flex are now considered complementary: the former specializes in moderately rich interfaces, but may lead to expensive Write Once, Debug Everywhere projects, whereas the latter allows for more expressive interfaces at the cost of surrendering part of your [software's] freedom to private interests.

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