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RIAs and Business Intelligence

January 31, 2008 by Andrea Simmons

Back in November, I posted about the trend of leveraging rich Internet applications (RIAs) for presenting key data and information for decision-makers and task-oriented workers. This trend seems to be picking up momentum quickly as there has been a swell of activity from companies like SAP and BEA around RIAs and business intelligence.

Another major player threw its ring in the RIA business intelligence ring today, with Information Builders’ announcement of its new offering. Information Builders provides software and support to more than 12,000 customers, including many Fortune 100 companies and US federal government agencies. Its new offering, WebFOCUS FLEX Enable, is an application engine that allows developers and analysts to create custom interactive and animated dashboards. What’s interesting about this offering is the self-service model that it provides. Unlike some of the finished solutions announced, this is an application engine that allows developers to build what they need.

This trend toward RIA-based business intelligence solutions is one I am certain we will see more and more of in the coming months.