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A Few RIAs that Caught My Eye

January 16, 2008 by Andrea Simmons
Dashboard view of Quicken Application

Over the past week or so I’ve seen a few interesting rich internet applications (RIAs) land in my inbox that deserve some attention. These are not necessarily best in breed, but are good, recent examples of how RIAs can really improve a user’s interaction with an application.

First is the new online version of Quicken. This application in its original form was a good solid performer but was screaming for some rich graphics and enhanced interactivity, and Intuit delivered. The new version of Quicken includes a dashboard-like view with key data that allows users to easily and quickly drill down to see details. The info is delivered in a very visual and clear way, making it much easier for users to visualize their accounts. There are also a number of mobile improvements to help users access and update their info from afar.  

The second application is Babbel, a RIA built in Flex that helps users learn a new language. Users can pick from Spanish, French, Italian, German and English and can login to take a series of quizzes where they match images with spoken words. There is also a social element to the site where users can communicate with each other and can even contribute content. 

Babbel application dashboard

These are two examples of useful applications for consumers that benefit from the rich visual and visualization elements of an RIA.