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Lots About AIR in the Windy City

October 1, 2007 by Andrea Simmons

We’ve written lately about the "swing back to the desktop" and this trend was quite evident with the kick-off of the Adobe MAX conference here in Chicago. About one-third of the opening keynote was dedicated to the new AIR offering, with a number of strong examples from key industry players. Amongst the AIR demos, were some polished offerings from AOL (an application that allows you to access the top 100 music videos from your desktop), Disney Theme Parks (an application that allows travel agents to build custom info packs for their clients), and SAP (an application that provides an offline "briefing book" a type of "dashboard" for key business metrics). Even MTV is getting in the game by hosting the "MTV Adobe® AIR™ Challenge".

With these heavy hitters jumping on-board, things look promising for AIR.