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Microsoft Releases Silverlight 1.0

September 5, 2007 by Andrea Simmons

Microsoft officially launched version 1.0 of Silverlight today. This release, the first of the two announced versions, is really focused on delivering enhanced support for audio and video streaming and playback over the web.

This announcement heats up the battle between Adobe and Microsoft by providing a viable alternative to Flash Player for organizations that may already have their video files encoded in Windows Media format. This may be a tough battle for Microsoft, with Adobe's 90.3% install rate with Flash Player 9. Especially since the company plans to distribute the application through media applications built with it.

Also of note, Microsoft announced its intention to support Linux through the Moonlight initiative. Microsoft will build the video codecs for the Moonlight project and supply Novell with software to test and ensure Silverlight runs well on Suse Linux, Red Hat and Ubuntu.