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Impact - A Blog by INM

Welcome to Impact

July 24, 2007 by Vahe Kassardjian

Welcome to Impact, our new corporate blog.

Impact is designed to provide information about new technology and trends, particularly as they relate to rich user experiences. Posts will go beyond simple news items and will strive to add context to show the true “impact” these announcements can have on everyday business.

For sometime now, we’ve been working on our blogging skills and our team has been sharing its knowledge and resources internally. Now we’re happy to extend this information sharing beyond our four walls to include our blog readers. We encourage you to help make this blog community-oriented and hope that you will add comments to our posts to help fill-in the stories when you have information to add. As well, we welcome your feedback and comments on the blog.

Please feel free to email any feedback to us at Blog@INM.com. Happy Blogging! Vahe