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Archive for 'July 2007'

    Silverlight Release Candidate Available

    Late last week Microsoft rolled out the release candidate version of Microsoft Silverlight, the solution touted to be Microsoft’s “Flash killer”. Silverlight is a cross-browser technology for interactive Web applications that delivers media experiences based on the company’s .NET technology. This first 1.0 version of Silverlight will be heavily geared toward web video, with many of the richer developer features only coming out with version 1.1 (no release timeframe has been quoted for this second version yet).

    Silverlight is an interesting technology for businesses to track, as early comments from the industry are quite favorable. So far, Adobe has a pretty solid head start with Flash 9 racking up 83.4% install base in just 9 months. To compete, Microsoft is pulling out the big guns and is offering free infrastructure support, at least initially, with up to 4 GB of free space in its data centers. And a new Silverlight Streaming service and other kinds of support are also being offered for free. It will be interesting to see how things play out on this battle.

    Google Launches Custom Search Business Edition for $100 per Year

    Why build a custom search engine when you can leverage Google’s own algorithm on your website for just $100 per year? As part of a widespread effort to offer a series of tools and services for small businesses, Google has launched Custom Search Business Edition. This new service for small businesses allows companies that don’t have the time, money, or resources to develop their own search functionality to integrate Google search into their site, without including Google ads or branding.

    The service starts at just $100 per year for searching up to 5,000 pages. It’s also offered in a second tier for larger sites which covers up to 50,000 pages for $500 per year.

    This is an interesting, and cost-effective way for businesses not to re-invent the wheel.

    Web 2.0 Needs Adobe

    Thomas Yager, a senior analyst at InfoWorld, recently posted an interesting piece entitled Web 2.0 Needs Adobe. This piece looks at how HTML and AJAX have reached their respective limits, particularly in regard to mobile devices. He provides a great example of how enterprise level applications keep reverting back to Adobe technology, precisely for their mobile needs.

    This sentiment is echoed by a number of clients we’ve spoken to lately. The majority of new inquiries for RIA development, particularly enterprise caliber applications, have leaned toward Adobe technology. So much so that we are now working toward having several of our developers Flex Certified.

    YouTube Fuels Debate

    When US democratic leadership hopefuls took to the podiums last week in Charleston, South Carolina for their televised debate of the campaign, they didn’t just face off against pre-formatted press questions and a local audience. Instead they opened themselves up to questions from citizens across the globe. Pretty much anyone with a web camera and a question to ask was able to participate in the debate.

    For the first time in history thousands of Americans recorded and uploaded their questions to YouTube for the two-hour debate on Monday evening. CNN editors chose about 25 questions from more than 2,000 YouTube submissions.

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    Welcome to Impact

    Welcome to Impact, our new corporate blog.

    Impact is designed to provide information about new technology and trends, particularly as they relate to rich user experiences. Posts will go beyond simple news items and will strive to add context to show the true “impact” these announcements can have on everyday business.

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