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INM is focused on combining the art and science of digital technologies to deliver compelling business results. Leading North American brands across the education, healthcare, retail, media, and B2B sectors turn to INM for design, development and implementation of their digital strategy.  INM helps clients create, deliver, and measure omnichannel experiences that are effective and engaging.

Every project is a delicate blend of achieving business objectives, delivering a positive user experience and creating a well-built project that adheres to rigorous software engineering practices.  We support the principles of agile development, and have embraced the SCRUM agile development methodology for all our projects, from a simple website, to a multi-platform enterprise application.



INM is a dynamic and growing company, with strong roots in the Montreal community. Our team is responsible for building robust, enterprise caliber websites and mobile applications for some of North America's top universities, publishers, associations, and government agencies. We are also a leading enterprise solutions partner at the business level with Adobe, and are a key provider of implementation and integration services for Adobe's award-winning Marketing Cloud solutions, including Adobe Experience Manager. 

We work on cool and innovative projects for top brands and we are always looking for new talent to join our team. 

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Vahe Kassardjian


President, Founder

Vahe Kassardjian is a visionary entrepreneur dedicated to bringing innovative technologies and quality development processes to companies creating rich and engaging software. As an original founder of Integration New Media, Inc (INM) 25 years ago, he’s built a company that’s evolved with the market to help organizations deliver unique and engaging experiences. Vahe brings to the table the perfect blend of theory and practicality, with a Master of Science degree in Computer Science and extensive involvement in client projects. In addition to his business endeavours, Vahe is also active in the technology community as an author, speaker and blogger.

Nadine Husain


Director of Operations

Nadine joined INM in 2004 and is now our Director of Operations. She is our team leader for many large scale mandates and has proven experience in guiding multi-disciplinary teams through several successful website projects. Nadine’s background in marketing and business equip her well to really understand project requirements. She knows the right questions to ask to extract business needs and can turn these needs into concrete project deliverables, prioritizing them according to the highest business value. Her knowledge of web technologies and web content management systems helps her guide her team through their deliverables and keep them on track. She is known for having excellent rapport with her clients and she understands how to drive results while maintaining strong relationships. Nadine holds a MBA from Bentley College in Boston, MA.

Raluca Ene


Creative Director

Raluca, INM’s Creative Director, is responsible for the design, development and user experience (UX) for all INM projects. She is a skilled web designer and developer with a strong background in user interface (UI) design. Raluca leads the team at INM in defining best practices for UI design and for ensuring that usability is a major factor of consideration for each and every project that we tackle. Her previous experience as a web developer and designer, coupled with her time as a training and development instructor make her an excellent coach for our team and for our clients. She is passionate about design and is well-versed in trends, standards and best practices. Raluca is a trusted resource for many of our clients looking for an expert opinion on brand development, web design, application interaction and user experience driven engagements.

Paul Oros


Senior Software and Infrastructure Architect

Paul is a multi-talented architect who is equally comfortable gathering and analyzing business requirements as he is designing and building complex applications and network architectures. A member of the INM team for more than twelve years, Paul has exceptional understanding of scalable internet system design and has been involved in scoping and moulding the infrastructure for several large-scale client projects, as well as for INM’s software-as-a-service offerings. Paul is known for his excellent rapport with clients and his ability to explain and navigate challenges and resolve project issues as they arise.


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